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Banc de Binary – Binary Options Broker

Banc De Binary binary options brokers has been around since 2009 and you can tell by their very professional set up that they know what they are doing as far as binary trading goes. This is probably why they are one of the most popular and highly respected of all the brokers. They use their version of the SpotOption trading interface and it works very well on their website. This is a very reliable trading platform these days. As one of the biggest names in the stock market world, Banc de Binary offer an excellent set of features for the seasoned and new start binary options trader.   Once joined, you will be offered 2 trading platforms which form part of the complete SpotOption trading platform used by Banc de Binary. Digital Option Pro powers the trading platform which will be familiar to many traders, with the opportunity to earn high payouts of up to 81% from Call and Put options that expire in the money. As a broker of repute, Banc De Binary on first glance appears to be one of the more professional companies out there as indicated by their slogan, “Private Option Bankers”.

The company obtained its foundations in the Forex and Stock markets. The founding members of the company have an accumulated trading time of over 100 years in the markets, which you can safely assume will stand you in good stead when trading with them. How important is this backing when trading binary options? The company until recently were not regulated, but are going thru the process and there is some oversight by the SEC since they are already a large New York brokers. This should not be of concern at this moment in time as the binary options sector is really quite a baby in developement as far as trading sytems go and has only just cut it’s teeth this last 2 years. Unlike many offshore binary option brokers, Banc De Binary is very transparent with regards to revealing the details about their management team, their policies and the very famous and obvious location of their office the one and only Trump Tower in central Manhatten. The company is led by CEO Oren Laurent who is also the co founder of Banc de Binary. Mr. Laurent is an expert in banking, international financial trading and hedging. Further details about Banc De Binary management team can be found at their corporate website, it does make for some very interesting reading.

What Trading Platforms do Banc de Binary use?

Like most online brokers, Banc De Binary’s trading platforms are web based. Web-based trading platforms have the added advantage of allowing a trader to trade from anywhere in the world and on any device with an internet connection. In addition, their trading platforms are very user friendly and helpful for the novice trader. The on site links are concise to the point and are very easy to navigate. They have 4 trading platforms for traders to choose from and each is designed to be flexible to suit an individuals style of trading preference. The platform Binary META is the newest trading platform offered. It provides access to advanced charting and analytics for your trades. This is useful for tracking your open positions against live market prices. In addition traders can make use of their very own Banc de Binary iTrader mobile trading app. This excellent little app provides a complete account management and trading solution for all mobile devices. It is available for both iPhone and Android from their respective App stores.   Banc de Binary have an extensive range of assets available for trading across both platforms. These include all of the major Forex Pairs, world indices, commodities and 39 major global stocks. Normally the brokers using SpotOption have fairly low payouts, Banc De Binary is now offering up to 90% on certain underlying assets. Remember, that’s without having an executive or premier account. Many other brokers require you have a Premium account to get 89%, so the fact that Banc De Binary offers evryone an amzing payout is another winning move on their part. The minor drawback of this generous profit margin is the Out-Of-The-Money payout, it’s only 1% at best, that is way below other top brokers. Another major positive with Banc De Binary is that they are actually incorporated in the US, not an offshore tax haven. The minimum deposit is $500, which is higher than most Binary Options Brokers. This is another smart move for a serious trading platform, this fact alone instills a sense of committment needed for the serious trader and dismisses any amateurish notions from the get go. A demo account is available, but only after you have deposited funds to your account.


Banc de Binary’s Market Diversity

Banc De Binary have steadily grown their available underlying assets to trade. At this moment they are offering 80 different assets, which is very good indeed. Not the best but enough to satisfy most traders. Of course most assets are Stocks, but even in the Commodities you can find unusual offerings of underlying assets. They are also covering different regions like the Middle East which is great for those traders who live there. Remember it’s always a huge advantage to have some experience of an asset before you start trading. When the company started out Currency, or Forex, made up the bulk of their assets, but Banc de Binary now only offer most of the majors. The advantage with Forex or Currencies is the around the clock availability. All other assets can only be traded at certain times during the day or night, while currencies can be traded 6 days a week. That’s one major reason why Forex is so popular with traders.

Reliability of the Banc de Binary Platform

The SpotOption platform used by Banc De Binary is a well tried and tested trading vehicle, this means reliability is strong. We have never experienced any problems whatsoever. Sometimes and quite often this as a general trait, loading the charts can take a couple of seconds if you have a slow connection and often submitting your order seems like it has taken a few seconds before your confirmation is received, but this is normal across many brokers platforms. For smoother running use a clean browser without add-ons as this will always improve the performance of your online trading.

 Quality of Stock Charts on the Banc de Binary Platform

 As with most brokers now, Charting is fine, it could always be better, this is the case across all brokers platforms. There is no way to get extra price history on the normal charts anyway. You have to use the MetaCharts, BinaryMETA is best for this. But even then it is not entirely reliable. The problem with the MetaCharts is the history function. It would actually be better just implementing a zoom function for greater clarity. However, no other broker offers such a feature. Trading from these charts is difficult, at least in our experience. These days it is much better to use a free charting service where you can adjust the time frame, use the zoom function and lots of other helpful features. It’s recommended to use these charts only to pinpoint your entries. Although the banc de binary platform lacks some filtering features or a “My favorites” option it is generally easy to master. Most traders trade only a few assets and therefore it can come in handy to be able to define these favorite assets. One obvious sign of an amateur trader is the way he spreads out his trades between many assets, trying out everything and learning nothing. As any professional, seasoned or successful trader will tell you, each asset is unique and must be learned. There is no escaping this fact. Take note!

  Website User Friendliness

Depositing and withdrawal of your money is very easy as with most Binary Options brokers. At Banc de Binary one main provider is missing, PayPal, which is not so good. However, there are so many other choices, for example MoneyBookers, basically,”the other paypal” that ensures that most traders will be covered. Trading at Banc de Binary is free as the company does not incorporate any spreads between the put and calls. What this mean is that regardless of the direction the asset’s price is heading, a trader will be able to receive a predetermined price payout. You’ll always know the risk upfront. As for the returns, the rates are very high at 81% for in the money trade and up to 500% payout with the One-touch platform.  Banc de Binary offer trading bonuses for first time depositors of up to 50% of your deposit, while this certainly helps your trading bank-roll, it’s not your own money and the money won on your bonus cannot be withdrawn until a certain volume of trading is reached. This is an industry standard.

  Banc de Binary Support

Banc De Binary have been around since 2009, so the company has a great support system and operate as a very experienced broker. We have tried both email and Live Chat and both work well. The Live Chat is preferable because you will have an answer within a few seconds. The staff are knowledgeable and reply quickly even if you have a specific question that wouldn’t normally be asked. They also have a pretty good trading library with a decent Binary Options ebook as well as an audio book. What is missing is a video series that could help complete beginners get a running start.

Conclusive Review for Banc de Binary Brokers

Banc de Binary are a very professional company to deal with, the website is quite exceptional and leans more to the style of the Forex brokers than the Binary Options brokers. The choice of platforms is overwhelming although the Meta platform is a thing of the future for Binary Options trading. BBinary are definitely not your run of the mill options broker. With an established company like Banc de Binary, you can feel safer that they will still be around tomorrow to service your business and trading needs. Banc de Binary get a 9/10 Rating

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Should you were wondering; forex trading is nothing additional than direct access trading of different kinds of foreign currencies. A number of years ago, foreign exchange trading was mostly limited to big banks and institutional traders on the other hand; these days technological advancements have produced it to ensure that modest traders may also take advantage of the quite a few benefits of forex trading just by using the different on the internet trading platforms to trade.

The currencies of the world are on a floating exchange rate, and they are normally traded in pairs Euro/Dollar, Dollar/Yen, etc. About 85 percent of all daily transactions involve trading of the key currencies.

Four significant currency pairs are normally utilised for investment purposes. They are: Euro against US dollar, US dollar against Japanese yen, British pound against US dollar, and US dollar against Swiss franc. Proper now I will show you how they look in the trading market: EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD, and USD/CHF. As a note make sure you know that no dividends are paid on currencies.

When you believe 1 currency will appreciate against one more, you could exchange that second currency for the first 1 and be able to remain in it. In case every little thing goes as you program it, ultimately you could be able to make the opposite deal in that you may perhaps exchange this initial currency back for that other and then collect profits from it.

Transactions on the FOREX market are performed by dealers at significant banks or FOREX brokerage businesses. FOREX is really a needed part of the world wide market, so whenever you are sleeping within the comfort of your bed, the dealers in Europe are trading currencies with their Japanese counterparts.

Hence, it’s reasonable for you to believe that the FOREX market is active 24 hours each day and dealers at main institutions are working 24/7 in three unique shifts. Customers might place take-profit and stop-loss orders with brokers for overnight execution.

Cost movements on the FOREX marketplace are pretty smooth and without the gaps that you face almost each morning on the stock market. The daily turnover on the FOREX marketplace is somewhere around $1.2 trillion, so a new investor can enter and exit positions with out any challenges.

The fact is that the FOREX market by no means stops, even on September 11, 2001 you could still get your hands on two-side quotes on currencies. The currency marketplace will be the largest and oldest financial market in the world. It’s also known as the foreign exchange market, FX market for short. It really is the biggest and most liquid marketplace within the world, and it can be traded mostly by way of the 24 hour-a-day inter-bank currency market.

If you compare them, you may see that the currency futures marketplace is only one per cent as big. Unlike the futures and stock markets, trading currencies just isn’t centered on an exchange. Trading moves from main banking centers of the U.S. to Australia and New Zealand, to the Far East, to Europe and lastly back to the U.S. it’s truly a full circle trading game.

Within the past, the forex inter-bank marketplace was not out there to tiny speculators due to the significant minimum transaction sizes and strict financial requirements.

Banks, major currency dealers and occasionally even quite big speculator were the principal dealers. Only they were able to take advantage of the currency market’s great liquidity and powerful trending nature of quite a few of the world’s main currency exchange rates.

Right now, foreign exchange market brokers are able to break down the larger sized inter-bank units, and present smaller traders like you and me the chance to buy or sell any number of these smaller units. These brokers give any size trader, including individual speculators or smaller companies, the choice to trade at the identical rates and cost movements as the major players who as soon as dominated the market.

As you could see, the foreign exchange marketplace has come a lengthy way. Becoming prosperous at it might be intimidating and challenging once you are new to the game. So when you need to step into this marketplace, very first thing you do is get the proper information and educate yourself until you feel ready to jump in.