Oct 072012

It really is a well documented reality that within the business of trading the financial markets, as considerably as 90 % of the participants lose and continue to lose cash. So if 90 % are losing, that as a result means that 10% are gaining each and just about every time.

So that you can boost my own trading record, I deliberately set out to try and discover what it was I had to do to grow to be one of the 10% (The Winners) who are consistently creating money from the unfortunate remaining 90% (The Losers) who dont.

My investigation and investigations was to speak to as a lot of successful traders as I could, to read as a lot of articles, publications and books which have been written by prosperous traders. It wasnt until I started my research, that I rapidly realised just just how much has been and no doubt will continue to be written about trading and also the psychology of trading. What exactly is even more astounding is the amount that has been written by so referred to as gurus who in fact havent produced any considerable amounts of income from a company that they are supposed to be specialists in. I will tell you about some of my findings relating to these authors in future articles.

It really is my intention to publish my findings in a series of articles over the next 3 months and I hope you can find out and increase your own trading from implementing the data which I release.

I personally trade the FOREX market now but I’ve tried trading stocks, futures, commodities and possibilities. I will likely be covering the factors for concentrating on FOREX in a later post but in the meantime let me tell you about one of my numerous discoveries.

Every single 1 of the effective traders I interviewed, stressed the importance of keeping a journal of their trades. They would record the date, time, what they traded, buy or sell, price, indicators utilised which includes levels and/or figures, trends (long, medium and short) and an overall description of why they took the trade. It was also imperative that the journal entry included notes about the trade immediately after the event. If it created dollars what was the criteria, and if it was a losing trade, why had it turned out to be like this and any contributing factors.

Now comes the interesting component. Every person of them stated that they regularly reviewed their journal (some weekly and some monthly) but every person very categorically looked back over past trades. No doubt learning from their errors and to boost and repeat on their prosperous trades.

Trading is really disciplined with definite rules for entering and exiting trades. These rules need to be adhered to at all times and 1 of the rules is entering all details about the trade within the journal, creating no exceptions.

I hope you may all discover something from this and if you arent already maintaining a record of your trades, then please commence doing so from now on. Also regularly go back over your records on a typical basis. You’ll see a marked improvement within your performance.


Oct 072012

Unlimited Profit Potential with Minimum Risk – Binary Options

Possibilities give you unlimited profit potential and limited risk. If used properly currency options will give you staying power and enormous leverage, but most traders dont know the best way to use them correctly.

What you have to do is know ways to use currency choices correctly which the bulk of traders fail to appreciate.

Getting the Odds on Your Side

We are not going to go into details about how currency choices function, theres a lot of free of charge facts on the internet – here were going to take a look at strategies to improve your odds of success.

Prospective Rewards are not what they Appear

The first thing a trader needs to contemplate when purchasing an option is how much time is required, and what strike price can be a great target.

A lot of inexperienced currency options buyers look at the profit prospective, and dont consider the prospective losses.

They invest in strike costs too far out of the dollars, and options which are to close to expiry.

Just like the mug gambler who usually backs the outsider, they lose their bet.

So, How Can You Enhance the Odds of Success?

You will find two points to maintain in mind:

1. Time to expiry of the option
2. The strike cost targeted

Firstly, you need to maintain time on your side, and get strike costs that are not to far out of the funds – purchase in the money, or at the money alternatives.

Your profit prospective may not be as excellent, but your risk will be decreased – and your chances of Success far greater.

Maintain in mind your alternative doesn’t just have to go your way from when you bought it – it needs to trade inside the cash by expiry.

For example, a trader sees the pound trading at 1.70 and buys a 1.90 call. The cost goes the way they thought and reaches 1.87 – they then run out of time as well as the option expires worthless. This happens all of the time – costs move inside the appropriate direction, but the trader makes no money.

The trader feels they had been unlucky – and tries the same once again.

Nonetheless, maintain in mind being close doesn’t make you dollars in possibilities trading!

To create capital in alternatives you should obtain within the dollars options, with lots of time value – this can boost your odds of success dramatically.

How to Acquire Currency Alternatives in Longer Term Trends

When trading the longer-term trend, position yourself into the trend inside the following way.

. Identify the long-term trend via technical analysis

. Wait for a dip in the currency to position yourself within the trend.

. Watch for dips to support – and then try to find confirmation with stochastic crossovers, or other momentum tools to initiate the trade.

. An awesome way of getting selections in the long-term trend would be to search for dips to the middle of a Bollinger band to time entry. This is a superior timing tool in strongly trending markets.

The above is a easy technique, and 1 that could assist you to make major profits from currency trend following. Use solutions properly, and you might have limited risk, unlimited profit prospective and fantastic odds of success.

Dont make the mistake that most novice traders do – make certain you use time to your advantage – and maintain those strikes in, or near the money, and you will create large capital gains longer term.

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