Nov 192013

This set combines Lien’s book, Day Trading & Swing Trading the Currency Market with Lien’s DVD,  The Insider’s Guide to Forex Trading. One of today’s most popular forex trading educators, Lien provides an in-depth explanation of the factors the drive the forex market, market psychology, and fundamental and technical analysis.   The book provides a great deal of background on the underlying dymanics of the forex market, discussing historical events, short-term market drivers, seasonalities, and currency correlations.  Both the book and video delve deeply into forex trading strategies.   Lien shows how to combine fundamentals with technicals, entry and exit strategies, and how to limit losses and maximize profits.  Combined, the book and video will give traders a solid understanding of the forex market and how to identify and profit from market trends and fluctuations.
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Lien on Forex Trading: The Complete Guide to Profitable Trading Strategies (Wiley Trading)